Dead Man’s Throttle




On a trip to country NSW, I found an old GMC truck gearbox and hauled it back to my workshop.   I had no idea how it might become useful at the time.  I put it to one side for quite some time, when one morning I suddenly had the complete image of the sculpture in my mind, made entirely from components I knew to be lying around the farm and workshop.


I found the track at a local farm, I believe it was originally from one of the local gold mines in the area and the mine cart wheels have been sitting in the garden for years. Everything else is recycled machinery components.


The sculpture is kinetic and when the brass propeller mounted at the front of the piece is rotated it moves along a narrow-gauge mine rail track.


The sculpture has the presence of a life form within, the out-stretched arm that clutches the brake known as a ‘Dead Man’s Throttle’.